Assisted Living at Addington Place

Our approach to assisted living represents a calm and welcoming environment where our residents can live life on their own terms and leave their worries behind. It is the ideal solution for seniors who value their independence, yet need some assistance with daily living, or perhaps for those who simply don’t want to live alone anymore and are looking for a greater sense of security and community.

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Encouraging Wellness, Comfort, and Peace of Mind

Addington Place offers an extensive range of care services designed to meet the dynamic needs of our residents. We aim to provide not only exceptional care to all of our residents, but to also enrich their lives mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. With services ranging from Pastoral visits and group exercise activities, to our organized wellness classes and on-site visiting physicians, residents can remain fit, healthy, and most importantly, happy, all from the comfort of their new home!

In addition to the other services provided by Addington Place, we offer options for individuals seeking short term stays. Whether the stay is for recovery from an illness or medical procedure, a respite stay for caregiver relief, or a trial stay to see if Addington Place is right for you. We gladly work with you in each scenario! Come visit our community and ask about our trial stay, and come see for yourself why so many have already chosen to call Addington Place home!

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